• [High-pitched Voice] Woood

Woody's Catchphrase.

Some attributes
Nicknames The Disney Movie Guy

The Current PG Champ

Friends Bullshit Barra

Roman Rape

Dean Asshole

Seth Trollins

The OlderTaker

Bork Lesnar

Enemies Crying Daniel Bryan

The Cock

BM Punk

Super Cena


Meth Hardy

Fate Hasn't Dead Yet!
Debut [Somewhere in Season two]
Last Appearance [Dead Pool]

Woody is the Cartoon Pixar Chararcter from Toy Story [1998] Toy Story 2 [2001] And Toy Story 3 [2010],He was a former PG Champion.


Woody Has a High-Pitched Voice,and his friends with The acock And Meth Hardy.


Woody is high-tempered,a bit overrated,funny,and He likes Saying anything with wood.


Finishing MovesEdit

  • CrossfaceChickenHold

Signature MovesEdit

  • Mutiple Punches:
  1. Apron
  2. Ground
  3.  Wall
  • Dropkick
  • Big Boot
  • BackBreaker
  • Body Slam
  • Cowboy Boots Hits
  • Insane Chair Shots



  • Woody is in a team called Team Wood Cock.
  • Woody is possibly Addicted to wood as he mostly says WOOD.
  •  He is the Current PG Champ.
  • Team Woodcock has held the buddy butt belts twice.
  • Woody's voice is similar to Mr Woodchuck's from Full House.

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