Super Cena
Super Cena (2015 Figure)
The figure used is from the WWE WrestleMania 31 Heritage Series.
Some attributes
Nicknames Johnny Applejuice (Season 1)
Friends Crying Daniel Bryan
Bork Laser
Mr McMuffin
Enemies Cripple H
Co-KaneBrandy Brton
Bork Laser
Fate Retired At Grimamania 97
Debut Regal Rumble
Last Appearance GTS Wrestling 2017

Super Cena is a parody of the real life WWE Superstar John Cena.


Hi Kids!

I am sexy.


Super Cena wears green armbands, blue shorts, black kneepads and black shoes.


Super Cena is annoying, strong and cheats on Nikki Smella.

Finishing MovesEdit

Applejuice Adjustment (parody of the Attitude Adjustment)  [Fireman's carry takeover] - Sometimes through a table or sometimes from a great height.

Signature MoveEdit

  • Running shoulder tackle
  • Insults Opponent before attacking them
  • Hurricanrana


  • Triple-Fuck-A-Duck Championship (Extreme Tools 2015)
  • Motherfucking Championship ( GTS Wrestling 2016 )