Stone Cold Bear Austin is the anti-rapal bear of Grim's Toy Show.

He is a heel and a face, shown working for Vince McMuffin and aiding John Cena.

His man catch-phrase is un-uh

  1. Bear Austin Def. Octavia 12/27/15
  2. Bear Austin Def. Gunner 1/1/16
  3. Bear Austin Def. Maka Lasu 1/2/16
  4. Maka Lasu Def. Bear Austin 1/4/16
  5. Sonata Dusk and Bear Austin Def. Bork Laser and Maka Lasu 1/5/16
  6. Maka Lasu Def. Bear Austin 1/7/16 No. 1 Contenders Match For the GTS European Championship

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