Pay-Bitch 2015 is a parody of real life pay-per view Payback.

Matches Edit

  • Bork Laser and Sable Bomb def. Mr. Mcmuffin and Step-on-me Mcmuffin with special guest ref. Cripple H
  • Shit Pit Match for the Motherfuckin Championship ends in a no contest
  • Backyard match for the Pornography Championship
  • Super Cena Def. Fartdust, Damien Wellendow, Meth Hardy,Gay Wyatt and FPS Rusev for the Pornography Championship

Shit Pit Match Edit

  • Roman Rape Eliminates Comic Book Guy
  • Seth Trollins Eliminates Dean Asshole

The match ends in a no contest because Roman Rape And Seth Trollins Eliminated Eachother.