Nacho Man is a wrestle who wrestles

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BEGIN-1952/1969 Edit

He sated as the brooklyn browler he faught the grests Cactus-Jack off hamburgualr even his mam Nose hairs

in a mixed tag mach with Barney Frank with Cactus.

He also did football. For dat see later.

RACING 1970 Edit

He was released for doing nothing. So he did race cars his domber is 103 is mommy's age AND SUPPOERT

Train i one car he was gone after race of all farts when he crash


He retired after that. But then...

WWE 1984-2013 Edit

He and mom join wwe in 1984 before he got releasrd again.

GTS Edit

He goind gts in 2013 before final retired.

Mom: nose hair
debot 1952 ritire 2014