Vince Mcmuffin is a gts stupidstar, legend and teh owner.

wrestlers: roman only KEVIN BLOWENS

He wants to put roman over other characters. He led to A mf title reign on 1/16/16 in a triple threat mcdonalds mach. Days later, he wouldn't clear Blowens to comepete and tied him up. At regal rumbe 2016. however sami bane coppered.

General Managers: gibert goddfied


Shane o Big Mac

Onec general manager? trough 2016 he forced dad to become his general mager on 1 9 2016 every one injured so Mr mcfufin showed the ''Newera'' of NXXXT . but there injuer too! And Cokane died from in ring injury. But nek week he was revived.

Step on me

Cripple H 's husband in mean wife. once she foght chyna in a huh on a pole mach. On 11/30/13.



tied up owens rumble 1/23/16

mf title 8 day 1/16/16-1/23/16

help regn win mf @mcdonald.

defend in regal rumble 99 win

defend first time 2016.

*exept in 1992 once.

Gts gneral manager.

member of athorinty

kids shane and step on me

tenure 1997- present

independent curcit [2006, 2011-present]

on july 10 16 he helped jeffy with united states title at battlegroud show.

helped super cena and danny 2006,2011.

owner 1969-present




gts 1/9/16 ytp

1/16 1/23 ytp

13 channel

TEH END!!!!!!!!!!!!! about owner of gts actually its grim but the ''fake''owner.

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