Brother Weedo
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This is Brother Weedo's common attire and he usually carries a "reefer" around to get high.
Some attributes
Nicknames Brother Weedo
Friends Woody
Enemies Unknown
Fate Unknown
Debut Beat the Clock Challenge
Last Appearance Unknown

Brother Weedo is a parody of TNA Impact Wrestling Superstar Jeff Hardy. He is in the main cast of GTS Wrestling.


Most of the time, he's usually high and says he doesn't know what's going on. 

He's friends with ​Woody and has feuded with his dealer, Co-Kane.


"I'm so high right now."

"I have no idea what's going on".


Meth Hardy has won these championships:

  • Triple-Fuck-A-Duck Championship (twice).
  • GTS Pornography Championship (once).
  • GTS Butt Buddy Championship (once)he is a 100000000000000 time motherfucking champion
  • He has won the Triple-Fuck-A-Duck Title and the GTS Pornography Title.