Matches: Edit

  • Dead Pool Match For Triple-Fuck-A-Duck Championship (Dean Asshole Wins)

Dead Pool Match Edit

  • Co-Kane Eliminates Huckleberry Finn Failure
  • Bo Dumbass Eliminates Co-Kane And Bo Dumbass
  • Dean Asshole Eliminates Roman Rape
  • Dolphin Ziggler Eliminates FPS Rusev
  • Dean Asshole Eliminates Dolphin Ziggler
  • The Oldertaker Eliminates Bork Laser
  • The Oldertaker Eliminates R-Lies
  • Fart Henry Eliminates Stink
  • Dean Asshole Eliminates Far Henry
  • Shemus Eliminates El Burrito
  • Sami Bayn Eliminates Shemus
  • Fartdust Eliminates Fartdust and Shemus
  • Seth Trollins Eliminates Comic Book Guy
  • Seth Trollins Eliminates Bullshit Bearer
  • Roman Rape Eliminates Seth Trollins (yes roman was eliminates eariler)
  • Hurt His Asshole Eliminates Damien Wellendowed And Adam Blows
  • Dean Asshole Eliminates Hurt His Asshole
  • Rybutt Eliminates Diamond Dallas Paige
  • Dean Asshole Eliminates Rybutt
  • Dean Asshole Eliminates Randy Abortion
  • Dean Asshole Elminates Meth Hardy

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