Cripple H
Cripple H
His current design
Some attributes
Nicknames Triple hemmerhoid [Season one]

[Various Handicapped jokes from Super Cena]

Friends Step-on-me McMahon [Wife]
Brandy Brton
Dick Hair
Enemies Super Cena
Crying Daniel Bryan
Bork Lesnar
Fate Never Dead but Become Cripple on Season Two
Debut Regal Rumble
Last Appearance Sucka Slam

Cripple H is a parody of WWE Superstar and COO Triple H.


From Season 2 onward, Cripple H has been handicapped. He has healed a little bit [Such as times where he ditched the wheelchair and being able the walk] His really only has a cast on his left arm so there is a rumor that he will fully heal. Yet he is still a dick head.


Cripple H is black-hearted, mean, a cheater, and power hungry.Absolute son of bitch and arsehole. He will take any title from anyone because he claims [It's what's best for bullshit] he does makes screw jobs towards Crying Daniel Bryan and for a short time Super Cena. Cripple H also likes to end sentences with "Ahh" . He often blows his wife Stephanie with his gigantic nose. He is also often made fun of by Super Cena for being a cripple. He is know to hate superstars like Super Cena and Crying Daniel Bryan because he thinks they are bad for bullshit.


  • It's what's best....for bullshit!

–– Cripple H after taking the Motherfucking Championship away from Crying Daniel Bryan.



Finishing MovesEdit

  • Krippler Krunch [Double underhook facebuster]

Signature MovesEdit

  • Shovel shoots to the head
  • High knee
  • Dropkick
  • Hits stupidstars with wheelchair
  • Butt-Tastia and Brandy Brton might interfere in his match,butt-tastia will spinebuster the stupidstar,and brandy brton wil BKO Him]
  • Roll over pin with wheelchair
  • Mutiple punches on the apron
  • Wheelchair run over from the apron



  • In Real life Triple H is not crippled.
  • Cripple H's main goal is to get the Ultimate Fucking championship and The motherfucking championship.
  • He has only been Pornography champion. Once
  • He been in more than 6 Pay-Per-Screws.
  • Super cena ruinied his castle game skull front view by Giving the skull eyebrows and a mustache.
  • He was crashed twice by super cena.