Bork Lazer is a parody of real life WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar. He is one of the first GTS Wrestlers, appearing since the near beginning.

Bork Laser
Bork Lesnar
Some attributes
Nicknames Your Boy
Friends Super Cena [Sometimes]
Enemies Super Cena [Sometimes]
Fate Alive and Well
Debut Hey Yo to The Joes 2012
Last Appearance Still active


Often times in early episodes, he is seen with a red tuxedo with white undershirt and blue tie, almost like John Laryngitis. Also in early episodes, akin to early Brock Lesnar figures, had red and black shorts with kneepads. In newer episodes, he is seen with all-black shorts. When he goes into Boy Mode, his head changes from a default stern expression to a batshit insane scan.

At some point, he appeared with a squadron of black men, including Fart Henry, The Screw Day, and Booger T, called the Beastie Boys.


Bork is not one to have a good temper, as he is prone to break into Boy Mode and destroy everything in the arena. At the moment, he is Anti-Authority, with Mr. McMuffin attempting to stop him at whatever he does, such as main event Grimamania, injure The OlderTaker, etc.



  • Ay Boy!
  • Well alright den
  • I reckon...
  • Mmhmm.
  • It's breaking news with your boy, Bork Laser.


Finishing movesEdit

  • Turnip Twister [Fireman's carry spin-out takeover]
  • Flippy do [Shooting star press]
  • Stretches the stupidstar's leg far out

Signature movesEdit

  • Powerslam [Mostly through a table]
  • Suplex
  • Corner mutiple Shoulder thrust
  • Boy! [Chair shot to the chest]
  • Forward sideslam



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