Booger T is a former gts stupidstar and legend. He was a former general manager even facing Super Cena in a mach. results: 12/28/13 booger t def. pig showc world hvt title 6/14/14 bork lazer def.booger t [c] world title 6/28/14 bork and beastie boys def. super cena bork jr cena jr lets go cena kid link and ass ketchup 8/3/14 gts stupidstars def. lets go cena kid 8/23/14 super cana def. booker t rtirment mach Cameo Apperance: Regal Rumble as thebooger-MAN! Name : bogger t teams beastir boys [2014] age:44 hilights: gts genal manager, world hvt title[ 12/28-6/404] tenure: 2013-6/24-82314 12515 [cameo]

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