This Match happened 5 times and 15 Minutes is on the clock

  1. Applejack(c) Def. Asshole Mack GTS World Title(2001)
  2. Super Cena Def. Rarity(2002)
  3. Kaval vs Hurrivane Ended in a draw(2002)
  4. Cripple H/CoKane(c) Def. Jerry Lynn/Asshole Mack GTS Tag Titles(2003)
  5. Super Cena Def. The Jizz(c) GTS World Title(2015)
  6. Super Cena(2-0-0)
  7. Cripple H,Applejack,CoKane(1-0-0)
  8. Kaval,Hurrivane(0-0-1)
  9. The Jizz,Rarity,Jerry Lynn(0-1-0)
  10. AssHole Mack(0-2-0)