• Rape 3:16 says i'm gonna fuck your ass!

​His Possible Catchphrase.

Barf Ziggler is the parody of wwe Superstar Dolph Ziggler.

arf Ziggler
File:Arf Ziggler.jpg
Some attributes
Nicknames The Bi-curious Dude

The Gay/Straight

Copy Cat Stone Cold Bear Austin

Friends AJ [SEXAFENDER Girlfriend]

BJ [2nd Girlfriend]

Va-jay-jay [3rd Girlfriend]

WTF [Co-Kane/Kandy Kane]]

Enemies Stone Cold Bear Austin

Crying Daniel Bryan

BM Punk

[WTF] Co-Kane/Kandy Kane

Fate Unknown
Debut SEX
Last Appearance Dead Pool [Camo]


Wears Same Gimmick like his Real-Life conterpart But His Bi-Straight and he has 3 Girlfriends in real-life he only dated AJ lee,He will do dudes,and his Catchphrase is Rape 3:16 similar to Stone Cold Bear Austin.


Barf is Gay and Straight his actually bi-straight because he often says OooH! [Possibly his catchphrase] he will fuck a opponent until they tap.


Season OneEdit

Season TwoEdit


Finishing MovesEdit

  • The Barf Bag [Reverse Bulldog] Sometimes from the top of a ladder

Signature MovesEdit

  • Dropkick 
  • Superkick
  • FameAsser [Leg Drop Bulldog]
  • Short Jab




  • He has only been a champion once.
  • He has 3 girlfriends AJ BJ and VA jay jay.
  • He has a long rivialry with Bear Austin.
  • More than several times crying daniel bryan interupped him.